PVEC’s Right-of-Way Opt Out Policy

After the unannounced herbicide spraying in 2016, the founding members of PVEC Member Voices, along with other local members, worked diligently with the Board and staff at Powell Valley Electric Cooperative to create a policy that provides notification and allows member-owners to opt out of herbicide spraying.

Many member-owners do not know that they have a choice as our cooperative has not educated members that the policy exists.  The ROW Opt Out policy is now listed on the PVEC website.

PVEC Member Voices supports the implementation of an Integrated Vegetation Management Program by PVEC to maintain their right-of ways.  By implementing such a program, herbicide spraying could be minimized or eliminated, making our environment a safer place for our families and wildlife.

See the below video to learn how to make and use an alternative to Roundup.