Our Core Values

Member-Owner Involvement

We believe that member-owner involvement is fundamental to the success of any rural electric cooperative. Cooperative members (often called customers) are the actual owners of the cooperative, and with this ownership comes both rights and responsibilities. Member-owner involvement encompasses both.
The sharing of information and ideas between the cooperative’s member-owners, staff, and Board of Directors serves to increase understanding, transparency and partnership within our cooperative, making it stronger and better able to address the changing needs of the communities it serves – now and for the future generations to come.



We believe our cooperative should act with transparency in all matters of business that directly affect its membership.


We believe our member-owner elected board representatives should vote in accordance with the concerns and input of the member-owners in the district they are elected to represent.  

Environmental Stewardship

We believe that environmental stewardship is paramount in our community. This INCLUDES right of way stewardship, striving towards renewable energy sources as well as energy efficiency programs for member owners. We believe this core value is reflected within the Seven Cooperative Principles by which our cooperative should operate.

Prioritizing renewable energy sources is part of responsible environmental stewardship. Renewable energy is from an energy resource that is replaced rapidly by a natural process such as power generated from the sun or from the wind. Although PVEC offers many programs to benefit its members through TVA, we believe that PVEC could do more to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy by actively educating members and  promoting programs available to our cooperative.

Economic Development

We believe that making broadband internet available to PVEC members is vital to the economic development of our rural area. Over the last several decades most employment growth has been in service-related businesses. Broadband internet is especially useful for these businesses because it allows those in rural areas to compete for low- and high-end service jobs, from call centers to software development.  New markets for existing rural businesses, including farms, can benefit from broadband internet. One example is in niche markets, such as organic farm goods.


Members of PVEC Member Voices supported a number of educational workshops in our service area to educate members about how cooperatives work, including rights and responsibilities of members, cooperative bylaws and how to get involved.

We believe it is the responsibility of the cooperative to educate its members as stated in their cooperative principles. Our hope is to work with Powell Valley management to implement educational opportunities for member-owners.

If you would like to have a workshop for your church, organization, or community, please contact us at pvecmembervoices@gmail.com.