About Us

PVEC Member Voices began in late summer of 2017 as a response to the unannounced herbicide spraying our cooperative used to maintain the “right of way” beneath the electric lines on our properties.  What began as a group of five continues to grow as other member owners join to make positive changes within Powell Valley Electric Cooperative.

We are NOT employees of Powell Valley, board members of Powell Valley, nor part of any local, state or national group. We are members and owners of this cooperative, just like you. We hold no hostility towards Powell Valley employees, we only believe that member input is necessary for our co-op to better serve our community.

As cooperative member-owners, it is our responsibility and right to participate in the decision making of our cooperative, amend our bylaws, raise concerns, run and vote for board positions, maintain transparency and accountability and so much more. It is up to us, the member-owners, to regulate our co-op through these means which are outlined in our bylaws. In order to effectively do that, we have come together in a meaningful way to make positive changes.

We invite you to explore our website, gain knowledge, and contact us directly to add your voice to this work. Join us as we move forward to make our cooperative, Powell Valley Electric Cooperative, the BEST cooperative in the United States.