Community Forum Broadband Comes to Sharps Chapel video links below.     

Part 1 of video

Part 2 of video

PVEC Member Voices Pamphlet  Who is PVEC Member Voices?

Internet basics  Basic terminology for the internet.

Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet Explained  Short video about different types of internet technologies.  We’re getting Fiber, the GOLD standard of service!  Now that is exciting!

Introducing PVEC Fiber  PVEC Fiber rates.  Special student pricing is available.  Call PVEC to find out more!

Broadband speed calculator  Just how much speed do I need?  Use this handy calculator to find out!

Sharps Chapel Fiber map  Map shows the main loop of Fiber in Sharps Chapel.  Not all of the Sharps Chapel area is shown on the map, but PVEC Fiber will be run to EVERY metered home in Sharps Chapel.  If you do not want to sign up, no worries, you do not have to.  Be sure to call Powell Valley and let them know that you would like to have Fiber at your home!  Be patient, it is coming!

PVEC Member Voices Survey Results  Member Voices recently mailed a survey to nearly 750 member-owners of our cooperative to find out what issues concerned them.  Names and addresses came from various petitions started by Member Voices over the last three years.  Ninety-four member-owners responded, thirty-two from Sharps Chapel.  Member Voices wants to involve our community in addressing these issues.  If you are interested in helping or ideas to share, email us at pvecmembervoices@gmail.com.

PVEC Opt-out policy  Don’t want the right of way on your property to be sprayed with chemicals?  Find out how to opt-out!

PAYS Program  About an energy efficiency program that Member Voices would like to see implemented at our cooperative.  Let’s you “pay as you save”!